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You prepare for studying overseas right after entering university. We adopt the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) method throughout your four academic years. From the latter half of the sophomore year, all ICP students are required to spend a year studying at a partnering overseas university.

Freshman to Sophomore

Study content-based classes in English to prepare to go abroad

English classes are required every day during the first one and a half academic years. However, these are not general grammar or conversation classes. Instead, students undertake various classes, including Art History, News Media, International Business and Science, that focus on cultivating the English language proficiency required for understanding lectures, writing reports and joining discussions while studying overseas. There are also courses for obtaining the required TOEFL and IELTS scores. The Progressive English course available during a student’s sophomore year cultivates English debate skills.

The highlight of ICP is studying for one year in an English-speaking country during the sophomore and junior years. Unlike going overseas just for language study, ICP allows students to study English and their major from a global viewpoint and understanding. All credits earned overseas will be transferred to Toyo Gakuen University. Furthermore, a scholarship system compensates for the difference in fees between the two universities. We are currently expanding the number of partners so students can easily choose a place to match their academic interests. In addition, we actively accept exchange students from our partner universities, increasing the opportunity for our students to come in contact with people from different cultures on campus.


Junior to Senior

Advancing with ICP Core Programs

Upon returning to Japan, students will begin a curricula designed to further develop their skills and understanding of the English language, global liberal arts and their chosen major. A special selection class is available in the first half of the sophomore year, and during the junior and senior years, to improve language skills in everything from presentation and discussion to business communication. There is also an ICP Core Program in each department, allowing students to study their majors in English.



Graduation thesis in English

You will write a graduation thesis in English to complete your studies, which will cover your field of study and incorporate elements of the global liberal arts you have studied. Graduates are encouraged to work in the fields of international business and organizations or to pursue postgraduate studies overseas. We are completely supportive of our graduates on the world stage.

Improve your mastery of English in your field of study and gain a stable base to work toward your goal