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  • Global Liberal Arts Studies
The liberal arts education during the first year and a half is based on our existing five categories of learning: the understanding of humanity, art, society, the world and exploration of the present, but the content will be more advanced, and be from a global standpoint. While studying topics such as international culture and history, politics and economy and global issues, our experienced faculty will function as facilitators. They will give lessons in English starting with basic words and sentences and gradually moving on to more technical terms. This promotes both knowledge and language skills, and supports the student’s preparation for studying overseas.

Advanced Global Liberal Arts Education

  • Understanding of humanity

    Deepen your understanding of the human mind and body in order to reflect upon and improve yourself.

  • Understanding of art

    Develop deep emotional and aesthetic sensitivity through encounters with traditional culture and the arts.

  • Understanding of society

    Understand society through the study of politics, economics, industry, management and technology.

  • Understanding of the world

    Gain a broader perspective by learning the history, culture and customs of Japan and the world.

  • Exploring the present

    Examine complex issues in modern society and try to find solutions through extensive research, debate, and reports.