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Overseas Study Report by
a Member of the Inaugural Class of ICP

What is life as an overseas student like? In what styles are classes given at an overseas university?
Ms. Saki Moriyama, a member of the inaugural class of ICP, answered these and other questions as an overseas student. Ms. Moriyama studies at California State University, Chico, United States (as of April 2016).

Classes are hard, but I enjoy them very much.
I can feel so thanks to the training in ICP.

Saki Moriyama
3rd-year student
International Career Program (ICP)
Graduate of Tokyo Metropolitan Ome Sogo High School
Enrolled in California State University, Chico, the United States

― How do you find your life as an overseas student?

I am very happy to be in the United States because studying overseas was one of my goals. I felt a bit lonely to be away from Japan, but I have decided to develop myself here and I feel I am making efforts in my own way. I sometimes wonder whether my English proficiency is being improved or not and whether my life is really fulfilling or not. All in all, however, I do not worry so often and I believe I am leading a fulfilling life, working hard every day.

― How is the environment of Chico?

It is well-balanced, being neither too urban nor too rural. I feel at home and people are kind. I have actually made many friends.

― What do you study in the classes?

I major in politics and international relations. I am learning about diplomatic policies of the United States and problems faced by the country at present, among others. Classes include practical training in which we actually complete a project in a group called the Small Communication Group.

― Do you have difficulty with the classes?

Classes are really hard. We were given an assignment of reading 80 pages on the first day. Besides, progress of classes is quick. There is no other international student, not to mention Japanese. I have decided to be proud of the fact that I am studying in an environment with no other Japanese. I have been taking hard classes in ICP since my first year so I don't feel so much psychological pressure and I understand how to work on big assignments. I believe I am studying in classes with confidence.

― You enjoy studying, don't you?

I am enjoying it very much. I am studying major subjects, that is, my favorite subjects. Besides, the classes are given in English. I feel I am studying in the optimal environment.

― How do you want to spend the remainder of the period?

Time flies when you are studying overseas. I spend a lot of time studying in the library so I sometimes ask myself “Am I wasting opportunities to enjoy other things as an international student?” (laughter). But I will continue to work hard, believing that the efforts I am making now will definitely be beneficial for me in the future. I value communications with friends so I want to have a good time with them by making good use of the limited time.

This is how I prepared for studying overseas.

What Ms. Moriyama did to study overseas
First year
July and August Attends an external summer course (to prepare for TOEFL) during the summer break
Makes it a rule to study for five hours every day
October Takes TOEFL ITP and scores higher by as many as 75 points!
November IELTS
December TOEFL ITP
January Makes a full application for California State University, Chico
End of January -- Studies English in Australia during the spring break (seven weeks)
Focuses her efforts on practice of speaking, in which she feels she is not proficient enough
Second year
Begins preparations for studying in the United States, including requesting for recommendation letters and going for a visa interview
August Leaves Japan for the United States
September Classes start at California State University, Chico