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  • Introducing the ICP through the Eyes of Students and Teachers [July 2014]
Your Future Starts Here

Your place on the world stage

Fulfill your dreams! I'm working with my classmates to develop our English language skills! Achieving our goal of studying abroad!

I hope to contribute to our international society!
It's my decision, so I just have to go for it!

International Career Program (ICP) Freshman
Saki Moriyama
Tokyo Metropolitan Ome Sogo High School Graduate

I'm working really hard with our dedicated teachers to achieve my dream of studying abroad!

— What motivated you to join the ICP?

I focused on learning English during high school, and so at university, I wanted to not only learn the language, but also use it as a tool to study about international society and global issues. I thought that the ICP would be good because almost all the classes are taught in English, and held in small groups. Also, the teachers I met at the open campus event were really enthusiastic, and I thought that I could surely make progress at a university with such committed teachers.

— Tell us about the ICP classes

We have three to four lessons every day, so the homework and preparation is quite tough. I'm definitely studying more at home compared to my high school days, working every day as if it were the day before an exam! But since I decided to do this and as I have chosen my own path, I just have to pull through and keep on working hard. After joining the ICP, I feel I have advanced. For example, my listening skills have improved. Previously, I couldn't make out what our stern-looking native English teacher was saying but just recently, I realized that he is really a funny person who's always telling jokes!

I want to play an active role in international politics and diplomacy

— What are your future goals?

When my tutor invited me to help out a symposium on the Syrian Crisis, the experience made me want to learn about international politics and diplomacy, and contribute to our society. First, I want to start by being well prepared for my study abroad, which begins next summer.

I want to succeed in global business someday!
Striving towards studying abroad while dreaming big!

International Career Program (ICP) Freshman
Hiroki Sato
Saitama Prefectural Shiki High School Graduate

I enjoy studying alongside interesting and unique classmates!

— What motivated you to join the ICP?

During high school, I became hooked on foreign TV dramas, and my English grades suddenly improved. If you can speak English, you can communicate more. It's a practical skill and it's also cool! I wanted to learn more English and that's when I came across the ICP. I thought it would be a great chance to move ahead, and so I decided to embrace the challenge.

— What is the atmosphere like in class?

At first, I thought most of my classmates were serious and quiet, but they all turned out to have strong personalities! Once you get to know them, everyone is nice, and the class gets on very well. We are also close with our teachers, and go out to dinner sometimes after school, along with the interns. My classmates are more like my family than friends. We are all stimulated and supported by each other.

Tackling tough lessons and homework to fulfill my dream

— What is the hardest part of the ICP?

The lessons obviously, and I'm just so busy doing homework and preparing for presentations. I enjoy the presentation itself, but the assignment is given in English of course, so I need to first understand it, gather my thoughts, and then write the answer in English, so it takes a lot of time. I'm working part-time to save up for my living expenses when I go overseas. It also gives me a break and I can relax, as I don't have to study English while I'm working!

— What are your future goals?

I'd like to become an interpreter. You need to be highly skilled, so I thought I'd give it a go. But my real goal is to succeed in a global business, like becoming an entrepreneur or a foreign investor. The bigger your dream, the better! Apart from that, since I like snowboarding, I would also like to interact with other snowboarders from around the world while I'm abroad.


Working together towards studying abroad!

Sarah Louisa Birchley

Mastering the basic skills required for studying abroad

In my classes, the students study Global Business and Academic Skills. In Global Business class we study the basics of business through case studies of global companies. To improve their reading, writing and research skills, the students write their own case analysis each week. To improve their business communication skills they pitch an idea for an original, new product in English! They really do have some great ideas! In the Academic Skills class, we learn about how lessons are conducted at foreign universities, and acquire the necessary skills for studying abroad, such as taking notes, participating in discussions, writing term papers and giving academic presentations.

At first, the students were having a hard time with lessons conducted completely in English, but now they are exchanging opinions and actively speaking up in discussions. They are showing great progress, I'm really proud of them. I am particularly impressed with how they give presentations and research different topics. I feel that they are gradually becoming more confident in using English. There is even a student who applied for a part-time job at an apparel company, and was hired after passing the job interview in English. The students are working so hard and they are highly motivated. It's a really great class to teach.

With just one year to prepare for going abroad, we will support your efforts

In addition to developing study skills and techniques for studying overseas, there is a whole list of things we want to pass on to the students before they go abroad, such as how to cope with a new life and culture overseas, how to deal with a crisis, how to make friends and how to make the most out of the experience. Since the students often feel under pressure with TOEFL exams and other stress before going abroad, we help them relax by having coffee together during recess, listening to them and giving them advice.