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  • Introducing the ICP through the Eyes of Students and Teachers [July 2015]
Your Future Starts Here

Your place on the world stage

Students are finally heading off to study abroad!
Reflecting on ICP and life after study abroad.

Learn about international relations from a global perspective, and be able to state my own opinions

International Career Program (ICP) Junior
Saki Moriyama
Tokyo Metropolitan Ome Sogo High School Graduate

— How do you feel, a year and a half on from starting ICP?

The last year and a half went by so fast, with so many things going on. We had lots of assignments, and unlike large universities with several hundred students you get more focus from the teachers in the small-group classes. It sure is tough, yet you feel you are able to do it with support from many people, so you must not waste time, and should study hard. I think the experience has made me mentally strong. At ICP, both the teachers and students have intense concentration and motivation. The sensation that we are all moving toward the same goal really was a huge support.

— How are the classes?

As a junior, I have more opportunities to express my opinions in class. And I need to make myself clear when people ask, “Why is it so?” You really have to think, and I feel that the skills and cultural education I have acquired since elementary school helps me.

— Where are you going to study abroad?

At California State University, Chico, U.S.A. I am planning to study geopolitics and international relations. I heard that geopolitics, a combination of geography and politics, is a field of study unavailable in Japan, so I am looking forward to those classes.

— What is your objective while studying abroad?

I want to be more independent and improve my English. And also discipline myself a bit more (laughs). Now I tend to be swayed by other people’s opinions, so I want to have my own views, and be able to communicate that to others.

— What is your vision after your study abroad?

When I return, I am thinking of joining a seminar on international relations or international politics. Currently, I only have the viewpoint of a Japanese, but by learning about Japan and international relations from the U.S. point of view when I am studying abroad, I believe I will acquire a global perspective. It is a difficult field, but I will try hard.

My goal is to manage a trading company. I will learn international business and build a network of friends during my study abroad!

International Career Program (ICP) Junior
Hiroki Sato
Saitama Prefectural Shiki High School Graduate

— How do you feel, a year and a half on since starting ICP?

At first, it was so tough I hardly had any time to sleep with all the classes, as well as all the assignments in English. But by the time I became a junior, my English skills improved and I can take a breath now! My English is definitely much better. I guess the key was never missing classes, however hard it was, and always doing my assignments.

— How is the class atmosphere?

Since it is a small class, everyone has a chance to speak up, and we support each other like a family. We also have a close relationship with the teachers, and they know who we are which also encouraged our studies. I will miss that while I am away abroad for a year.

— Where are you going to study abroad?

At Wright State University, in Ohio, U.S.A., I will be studying business and economics. I want to learn global business to help me achieve my dream of managing a trading company.

— What is your objective while studying abroad?

I want to make lots of friends. I believe getting to know the ideas and the cultures of people from various countries will help when trading with those countries. So first, I want to build a network of friends around the world.

— What is your vision for after study abroad?

I would like to further deepen my studies in business and economics when I come back to Toyo Gakuen University. I have a dream to become a company manager, but I still lack the knowledge and confidence. So when I come back from the U.S., I hope to feel sure of myself.

The first cohort of ICP students will study abroad at the following universities:

University of North Alabama
Wright State University
University of Oregon
Tennessee Technological University
California State University, Chico