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  • Small-Group Instruction
ICP lessons are held in small groups of 10 to 15 students. This class size is ideal for maximizing the benefits of the CLIL method which starts in the freshman year. The instructor can easily give attention to each student which allows for more participation. Students are also encouraged to communicate with one another in English. Active discussions take place, so students can improve their skills in a friendly, competitive atmosphere.

Our Experienced Faculty

  • Professor Andrew Boon
    Applied Linguistics, Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
    Andrew Boon

    We will study subjects taught in English, encouraging you to develop various English language skills and confidence in a friendly, supportive environment.

  • Professor Hitomi Sakamoto
    English Education for Children, Native American Studies
    Hitomi Sakamoto

    The world is filled with people of diverse values and cultures. We will focus on issues such as peace, the environment and human rights with an emphasis on global understanding.

  • Professor Sarah Louisa Birchley
    Global Business (ICP), Academic Skills (ICP), Professional Skills, Business Topics
    Sarah Louisa Birchley

    We will learn to appreciate and respect different cultures and be active in the global society. Take initiative in your learning and plan your career path.