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  • Yuichi Ezawa, Chairman, Toyo Gakuen University
    Going Beyond Boundaries to be Globally Competitive Human Resources
    Yuichi Ezawa, Chancellor, Toyo Gakuen University

    The International Career Program (ICP) aims to foster globally competitive human resources. The rapid globalization of business has made such human resources essential for the survival of Japanese companies. They are also needed by international organizations and NGOs addressing poverty, terrorism, and other issues in the world. Toyo Gakuen University focuses on English education and liberal arts studies. The greatest characteristics of the ICP program are intensive English education and one year of study abroad. The experience of studying in an English-speaking nation will improve your language abilities, helping you see Japan from a global perspective. The most important thing for ICP students is the willingness to go out into international society and work toward their goals. We are seeking students who are seriously looking to acquire English competency and are eager to develop an understanding of the world.